ShapeShift 100 FOX Crypto No Deposit Bonus

ShapeShift 100 FOX Crypto No Deposit Bonus is a non-deposit bonus promotion (Welcome bonus) organized by ShapeShift. ShapeShift was founded in 2014 by Bitcoin veteran Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift is the only cryptocurrency platform that offers zero commission crypto trading and self-custody. allows users to purchase crypto with fiat, trade, track and secure their crypto through a simple and beautiful web interface. Users always keep control of their keys. ShapeShift is located in the United Kingdom.

If you are still a beginner and are still learning to trade or you don't have enough money and don't even have any money to deposit, this is good news for you because from now on you can start crypto trading without risk and can get money for free. Please scroll down to see more detailed promotions, and take advantage of this opportunity!

ShapeShift 100 FOX Crypto No Deposit Bonus
ShapeShift 100 FOX Crypto No Deposit Bonus
Note. Before you register and take part in the promotion, you must ensure that you are able and compliant with all applicable agreements and regulations.

ShapeShift 100 FOX Crypto No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Information

  • Link.
  • Bonus amount.
    100 FOX.
  • Bonus type.
    NDB - No deposit bonus (Welcome bonus).
  • Bonus quota.
  • Promotions available until.
    All year 2020.
  • Bonus expires after claim.
    30 Days.
  • Available for.
    New clients.
  • Account type.
    Information not available.
  • Leverage.
    Information not available.
  • Account verification.
  • How to get.
    Register> Verification> Claim bonus.
    Register on the ShapeShift website.
    *Verify your email.
    *Complete your KYC (Front ID Card + Back ID Card).
    Claim bonus>
    Connect your wallet to Portis or to your hardware wallet wallet on the website to receive 100 FOX.
  • Withdrawal.
    Information not available.
  • Withdrawal methods.
    Wallet (keepkey, Ledger, TREZOR & portis).
  • Terms & conditions.
    *Promotions are subject to change at any time or terminated at any time without prior notice.

Note. Before you register and take part in the promotion, you must ensure company information and regulations first, whether the information is true or false, so you avoid all fraudulent activities (Scam), please scroll down to get more information.

Information and Company Regulations

  • Address.
    ShapeShift is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in London, England, and Denver, Colorado.
  • Regulation.
    Information not available.

Contact Information

  • You can contact the service below:
    Information not available.


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