Why us?

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Benefits if you advertise on our site!

  1. Monthly cost (30 days) is very cheap with a maximum of only $800 and a minimum of $400, we provide a trial or trial for 1 day if an empty ad slot is available, after the trial is complete you can still continue and display ads by renting an empty ad slot that is still available, if you do not continue, we will assume the trial has ended and we will cancel your ad serving. 
    Note. For trial, each user/user only gets 1 free ad slot for 1 full day.
  2. You can bid if you think the price is inappropriate and does not fit into your budget, if you rent an ad slot with a duration of 6-12 months, we provide a special price for you.
  3. If you rent an ad slot with a duration of 12 months, we give you 1 month free (Limited offer).
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Payment method!

We accept payments through local Indonesian bank transfers (BCA, BNI, MANDIRI & BRI), and other payment methods such as (WebMoney, Neteller, FasaPay, Perfect Money, Payco & USD Tether).
Note. If you make payments with IDR or Rupiah exchange rates then our fixed rate is 1$ = Rp.14.000,00.

Banner prices and ad slot availability!

  1. Header sizes 728x90 or 1000x280 ad slot status Available a monthly fee of $800.
  2. Sidebar sizes 250x250 or 300x600 ad slot status Available a monthly fee of $600.
  3. Top Article size 675x280 ad slot status Available a monthly fee of $600.
  4. Middle Article size 675x280 ad slot status Available a monthly fee of $500.
  5. Buttom Article size 675x280 ad slot status Available a monthly fee of $400.
    Note. Prices can go up at any time.

Content Placement paid articles!

  1. Suitable for those of you who want to promote a site or broker.
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  6. The price is very cheap at only $50 per article (Articles from your own), but if you want an article made by our team you only add an additional $50 so the total cost you have to pay is $100.

    You are interested? 
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