Free Crypto Airdrop $20 SOL Bonus - Binance X Solana

Solana is a high-speed single-layer blockchain, currently supporting peak transaction capacities of 65k per second and block times of 400 ms with more than 50 nodes. It was specifically built to scale the transaction throughput with Moore's Law. No sharding is needed to achieve this throughput. Solana's global performance is visualized Founded by former Qualcomm, Intel, and Dropbox engineers at the end of 2017, Solana is a single chain Proof-of-Stake protocol that focuses on providing scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security.

Central to the Solana scaling solution is a decentralized clock titled Proof-of-History (PoH), which was built to solve the problem of time in a distributed network. This protocol is designed to bring together hardware and bandwidth enhancements, with capacity expected to double every 2 years. The team has raised more than $25 million from leading investors including Multicoin Capital, Capital Foundation, Global Distributed, Blocktower Capital, NGC Capital and Rockaway Ventures.

Free Crypto Airdrop $20 SOL Bonus - Binance X Solana
Free Crypto Airdrop $20 SOL Bonus - Binance X Solana

Free Crypto Airdrop $20 SOL Bonus - Binance X Solana

Bonus amount: $20 (20 SOL).

Bonus available for: New clients (Limit 1000 participants who completed the task & answered Quiz correctly all).

Bonus available until: All year 2020.

How to get bonus:
1. Join Airdrop Solana.
2. Enter the Ref. Binance Account ID (Look for the profile refferal menu).
3. Enter the Binance Account email.
4. Join & Follow social media Solana.
5. QuiZ Answers (Scrooll down & enter start quiz).
6. Select a language.
7. Enter Ref ID (just the number or just paste Ref ID).

Quiz Answers.
1. 59.499
2. Decentralized clock
3. 0.4
4. All the above (Everything is correct)
8. Done.

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