SFXT $9999 Forex No Deposit Bonus

SFXT $9999 Forex No Deposit Bonus is a non-deposit bonus promotion (Welcome bonus) organized by SFXT broker. SFXT is an international broker which is a subsidiary of Heart Capital Limited which was founded in 1999 and located in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. SFXT provides many deposit methods, trading account types, and trading products including: Forex, Indexes, CFDs, Metals, Energy, Cryptocurrency, & Futures. Please scroll down to see more detailed promotions.

SFXT $9999 Forex No Deposit Bonus
SFXT $9999 Forex No Deposit Bonus
Note. Before you register and take part in the promotion, you must ensure that you are able and compliant with all applicable agreements and regulations.

SFXT $9999 Forex No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Information

  • Link.
  • Bonus amount.
    1 Bitcoin (BTC), the equivalent of US dollars but no more than $9999.
  • Bonus type.
    No deposit bonus (Welcome bonus).
  • Bonus quota.
  • Promotions available until.
    October 15, 2019.
    Note. Promotion is extended to November 15, 2019.
  • Bonus expires after claim.
    Please read the terms & conditions below.
  • Available for.
    New clients.
  • Account type.
    Elite, Premier, Professional & Standard (MetaTrader 5).
  • Leverage.
    According to the account type, max 1: 500.
  • Account verification.
  • How to get.
    Register> Claim bonus.
    Claim bonus>
    *Open a trading account in USD.
    *Bonuses are automatically credited to your trading account.
  • Withdrawal.
    Bonus can not be withdrawn, only profit can be withdrawn after you deposit in accordance with the profit you earn, each time you complete 1 lot of trading then you can withdraw $5 profit.
  • Withdrawal methods.
    Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, & UnionPay.
  • Terms & conditions.
    *All trading account promotion conditions (type of order execution, leverage, spread, swap, etc.) match your account type without any restrictions.
    *The maximum period of use of funds is 10 calendar days. During this period, the Client is permitted to improve the profits obtained by funding a promotional account with an amount equal to or exceeding the amount of profit obtained with the help of company funds.
    After a promotional account is funded, profits are determined in the following order:
    **All open trading positions will be closed (if any);
    **All pending orders will be canceled (if any);
    **Company funds will be deducted from the Credit line of the account;
    **Fixed profits during promotion in amounts that do not exceed the amount of the deposit or do not exceed $10,000 are transferred to the Credit field.
    *Fixed profits during the promotion are fully available to increase trading volume and to support the account if withdrawal.
    *After funding a promotional account, funds in credit are available for withdrawal provided that within 30 calendar days there is 1 lot closed per $5 of credit funds. Partial transfer of credit funds to balance is not applied. To transfer funds to balance, clients need to contact the company manager via the feedback form in the Client Area.
    *Fixed profits during promotion in the Credit field are deducted from the account:
    **In the event of a withdrawal from an account including internal transfers;
    **If the account balance is negative and there are no open positions;
    **If the promotion is deactivated for the Client;
    **Within 30 days after funds are credited to the Credit field.
    *If the promotional account is not funded within 10 calendar days, it is not possible to fix profits, and the following happens:
    **All open trading positions will be closed (if any);
    **All pending orders will be canceled (if any);
    **Company funds will be deducted from the Account credit field;
    **Profits / losses corrected during the promotion will be canceled.
    *For the first withdrawal of funds from accounts participating in the promotion, it is necessary to verify personal data in the Client Area.
    *At the end of the 15 calendar days of the company's funds reduction, accounts not funded by the client will be transferred to an archive outside recovery.
    *Clients who participate in this promotion are not entitled to use promotions and other bonuses from the company on the promotion account until the end of the current promotion.
    *The company charges partner payments for clients referred by partners and participates in this promotion only for transactions made after account funding.
    *Promotions are subject to change at any time or terminated at any time without prior notice.

Note. Before you register and take part in the promotion, you must ensure company information and regulations first, whether the information is true or false, so you avoid all fraudulent activities (Scam), please scroll down to get more information.

Information and Company Regulations

  • Company's address.
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Kingstown, Beachmont
    P. O. Box 1510, Suite 305
    Griffith Corporate Centre.
  • Regulation.
    SFXT is under Heart Capital Limited, and is authorized and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize. The IFSC Act was established in 1999; it strives to promote, protect and uphold Belize into a center for international financial services and to regulate the provision of international financial services. IFSC is responsible for regulating all financial market activities and combating fraudulent activities to encourage stability in the global financial system.
    Protection and Management of International Assets (License No. IFSC/60/385/APM /17).
    Trading Securities Services (License No. IFSC/60/385/TS/17).

Contact Information


  • Official website.

Our Advice


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