Free Crypto Airdrop $20 Bonus - Tradence

What is Tradence?

Tradence is a digital asset trading platform that gives users the opportunity to trade their digital assets in a safe and trustworthy way. Tradence will continue to list various digital assets to increase user exposure to the world of digital commerce.

Free Crypto Airdrop $20 Bonus - Tradence
Free Crypto Airdrop $20 Bonus - Tradence
Free Crypto Airdrop $20 Bonus - Tradence

Bonus amount: $20.

Bonus available for: New clients.

Bonus available until: All year 2020.

How to get bonus:
1. Register using a valid email:
2. Verify your email.
3. Verify your telephone number.
4. KYC Verification (Photo of your identity, for example: id national, driver license etc).
5. Complete the form for bonus claims:
6. Done.

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