The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is available for free now!

Dear friends, we are pleased to present the revolutionary YETTI PRO Robot – completely updated the legendary Yetti.

The Simple Invest developers are so confident in the product that they provide a 15 days free test for any trader on any broker.

Why? Because the Yeti PRO Robot is a multi-currency multifunctional advisor that works confidently on any timeframe and is trained for any, even the most unpredictable market conditions! The Expert Advisor comes with proven and history-optimized templates for various diversified pairs.

The profitability depends on the settings you choose:

  • Conservative: 100% per annum
  • Moderate: 200%-350% per annum
  • Aggressive: 500%-2500% per annum

The new Yetti PRO robot main features:

  • 15 days of testing on any broker and on any account without contacting support;
  • Smart "TT" link allows you to fix the trawl before the time;
  • The double locking system allows you to hedge positions in case of strong volatility;
  • Pleasant visual, information panel and multilingualism;
  • Downloading information from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows you to better navigate the market;
  • Determination of a safe price range for trading (the main option interest levels of large market participants according to CME data);
  • Smart drying allows you to exit the market quickly;
  • Trading time intervals allow you to adjust the robot for trading in the required time zones;
  • Competent and safe exit from the market before the option contracts  expiration (expiration of monthly option contracts according to CME data);
  • The breaking candles system allows you not to open extra orders with sudden movements;
  • And much more.

P.S.: Download, share truthful reviews about the robot's work, it can extend the free license period for you! All profitable trading!

More information here.

Want to try the robot here, partner code = dkfx.

How to install YETTI? See the tutorial here.

Written by: Yuriy (FreshForex Team).

Edited & published by: DFX.
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