DXDY.FINANCE 10 DXDY ($300) Free Crypto Airdrop Bonus

DXDY.FINANCE 10 DXDY ($300) Free Crypto Airdrop Bonus is an Airdrop bonus promotion organized by DXDY.FINANCE. DXDY.FINANCE is a new generation of decentralized exchange, uses a Layer 2 scalability engine, supports leveraged transactions, and provides lower transaction rates. DXDY is the governance token of DXDY.FINANCE, with a total supply of only 10,000,000. DDXY will be listed on Hotbit, Binance, and Coinbase exchanges. The approximate listing price of DDXY is $30.

How does DXDY.FINANCE work?

DDXY.FINANCE is working with StarkWare which uses StarkEx, a Layer 2 scalability engine that aims to increase trading on the platform. In simple words, the impact will be similar to the upcoming Eth 2.0 upgrade, as gas costs will be zero, minimum trade sizes will be reduced, and trading costs will be lower.

The goal of DDXY.FINANCE is to provide safe trading services at low gas costs and fees. To achieve this, the platform is now moving towards Layer 2 with the help of StarkWare to increase its trade settlement capacity.

How to claim DXDY?

DXDY is the governance token of DXDY.FINANCE, with a total issuance of only 10,000,000. Among them, 2,000,000 DXDY tokens for the community airdrop, and distributed to community users for free. 4,000,000 DXDY tokens for presale, and the presale price is 1 ETH = 20,000 DXDY. Once the pre-sale is complete, DXDY will immediately be listed on Uniswap, Hotbit, Binance, and Coinbase exchanges. DXDY tokens can now be earned by participating in the DXDY airdrop or presale. After the presale is over, you can buy DDXD through the exchange.

DXDY.FINANCE 10 DXDY ($300) Free Crypto Airdrop Bonus
DXDY.FINANCE 10 DXDY ($300) Free Crypto Airdrop Bonus

DXDY.FINANCE 10 DXDY ($300) Free Crypto Airdrop Bonus

Bonus Information

  • Bonus link.
  • Bonus amount.
    *Bonus register: 10 DXDY.
    *Bonus referral: 10 DXDY.
  • Total token (Total supply).
  • Total token distribution (Airdrop).
  • Token name.
  • Token symbol.
  • Decimal.
  • Blockchain network.
    Ethereum ERC-20.
  • Contract address.
  • Bonus type.
    Cryptocurrency Airdrop/Bounty/Bounties/ICO.
  • Promotions available until.
    2021-12-24 (UTC-7).
  • Available for.
    New client.
  • Account verification.
  • How to get.
    Register> Verification> Bonus claim.
    Not required.
    Not required.
    Bonus claim>
    Please open this link DXDY.FINANCE, then claim your bonus by clicking "Airdrop" then enter your ETH (Ethereum) wallet address, the bonus will be added automatically.

  • Withdrawal.
    Minimum withdrawal 50 DXDY.

  • Deposit & withdrawal methods.
    ETH (Ethereum).
  • Terms & conditions.
    *Send an ETH wallet address to participate in the airdrop. Each participant can get 10 DXDY tokens by participating in the airdrop. Copy and share your referral link with your friends, you will be rewarded 10 DXDY tokens for each referral.
    *Each person can invite up to 50 people, and the prize can be up to 500 XDY Tokens.
    *DXDY airdrop will end on December 24th. After the airdrop ends, DXDY tokens will be automatically distributed to the ETH wallet address you submitted.
    *If the pre-sale is completed first, airdrop distribution and DXDY listings will continue.
    *Please do real referrals. If the system finds unwanted activity known as cheating, the prize will be removed during distribution.
    *Promotions may change at any time or be stopped at any time without prior notice.
  • Contact information.
    Telegram: https://t.me/DXDYFinance
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DXDYFinance
  • Reference source.

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