Free Bitcoins from Cloud Miner StormGain, very legit & withdrawable!

Free Bitcoins from Cloud Miner StormGain, very legit & withdrawable!
Free Bitcoins from Cloud Miner StormGain, very legit & withdrawable!
StormGain is a crypto trading platform that makes it easy for everyone to benefit from trading crypto assets.

Currently, StormGain has a feature to mine Bitcoin crypto assets for free only through the application on your smartphone.

The process of mining Bitcoin through cloud computing (Cloud) so that it does not burden your smartphone resources, and you can still use your smartphone as normal, you can also close the StormGain application after activating mining.

Bitcoin mining you can run once every 4 hours and so on, if your Bitcoin asset has reached or equivalent to a minimum of 10 in USDT assets, the bonus is automatically available for withdrawal.
Get an additional bonus of 3 USDT if you register via our link here.

How to register & use Cloud Miner StormGain

  • Make register, after it did also verify an email with your phone number here.
  • Download & Install StormGain application on your smartphone here: iOS & Android.
  • Open the StormGain application & login on your smartphone, then click the "More" menu > select "Cryptominer or Mine free Bitcoin" > then click "Activate" to start the mining process.
Free additional bonus of 3 USDT
Mining process is in progress and get unlimited bonuses
  • Bitcoins that you get from mining or mining will be automatically converted into USDT bonus balances.
Bonuses obtained from mining results & ready to be traded
  • The USDT bonus you earn can be traded in all available crypto asset markets, for example: BTCUSDT, XRPUSDT, XLMUSDT, BCHUSDT, LTCUSDT and many more tradable crypto assets.
Trade using USDT bonuses
Trading history using USDT bonuses
  • All the profits you earn can be withdrawn without any restrictions, and the bonus can be reused for future trades.
  • You can convert the profit you get in USDT into other crypto assets, for example to Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, etc. assets.
USDT conversion history & withdrawals via Litecoin
History of USDT conversions & withdrawals via Bitcoin Cash

If you want to withdraw profit from trading results, please convert USDT first. We highly recommend making withdrawals via Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Dash as the transaction fees for converting and withdrawal fees are very low.
See here to see conversion and withdrawal transaction fees

Note. You can see more detailed information here.
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