Free Crypto Airdrop 1000 FLT Bonus - Flitpay Referral Program

Free Crypto Airdrop 1000 FLT Bonus - Flitpay Referral Program is an Airdrop bonus promotion organized by Flitpay. Flitpay is a crypto product developed and managed by technology enthusiasts from various engineering colleges throughout India. Flitpay began its journey in the crypto world in 2017 with a vision to instill cryptocurrency in the general public of India.

The purpose of Flitpay is not only to make this product successful but also to educate people and help them understand the needs of digital currencies in India. Flitpay's expert team works day and night to develop something so powerful, measurable, and fast that beginners can also find it easy to operate.

In 2017, Flitpay launched a crypto wallet and it only took 5-6 months to reach the famous position. Flitpay is one of the top Bitcoin wallets in India. In early 2018 the Indian government imposed a banking ban and Flitpay had to withhold service. After waiting several months, "Achche Din Aa Gaye" and the Indian Supreme Court legalized the crypto and Flitpay trade back with more powerful and embedded technology with powerful features and functions. Don't wait any longer and join Flitpay to make India a crypto-friendly country!

Free Crypto Airdrop 1000 FLT Bonus - Flitpay Referral Program
Free Crypto Airdrop 1000 FLT Bonus - Flitpay Referral Program

Free Crypto Airdrop 1000 FLT Bonus - Flitpay Referral Program

Bonus Information

  • Link.
  • Bonus amount.
    *Register and get a scratch card worth between 500 FLT - 1000 FLT.
    *Refer to your family & friends and you both will get a scratch card worth between 100 FLT - 300 FLT.
    *Share your referral code through social platforms. The more you support, the more you produce
  • Number of distribution tokens.
  • Bonus type.
    Free Airdrop Token FLT.
  • Promotions available until.
    All year 2020.
  • Available for.
    New clients and old clients.
  • Account verification.
  • How to get.
    Register> Claim bonus.
    *Verify your email, please check your email and open the message sent by Flitpay then click the verification link.
    *Please Bind Google Auth.
    *KYC verification (front and back IDs without selfies).
    Claim bonus>
    After KYC has been approved, select the "Rewards" menu for FLT token claims.
  • Withdrawal.
    Information not available.
  • Withdrawal methods.
    Wallet Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) dll.
  • Terms & conditions.
    *Promotions are subject to change at any time or terminated at any time without prior notice.

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