Free Crypto Airdrop $10 Bonus - PBank X DAP

PBank is a global digital asset service platform registered in Singapore and controlled by American Dade Bank, which provides comprehensive, safe, stable and convenient digital asset services for users around the world.

PBank pays attention to compliance, has cooperated with local regulatory agencies in many countries abroad, and has several overseas compliance licenses and compliance support from US MSB and Kyrgyzstan. PBank develops diverse business strategies, not only has operations centers in many places around the world, but also has several key business areas such as digital asset banks, investment banks, digital asset exchanges, and digital asset wallets. PBank provides users with industry-leading transaction depth and a safe and fast operating experience. At the same time, mobile and multi-language switching makes it easy for users around the world to operate anytime, anywhere.

DAP consists of "Digital" and "Access Pass", which means licenses for digital technology and financial channels. DAP is a decentralized and fully open source public digital asset chain. This is the fastest, most efficient and most innovative way to digitize global assets. DAP is developing smart contract platforms that are designed to provide more sophisticated features than the public chains developed in the past. Within a few years, we believe that the adoption of the blockchain and the emergence of the "Millennium" consumer market will require a comprehensive digital strategic transformation from the traditional corporate business model, so that more companies will get a place in the future capital market competition. DAP will help traditional businesses adapt better digital solutions, injecting new vitality into them.

Free Crypto Airdrop $10 Bonus - PBank X DAP
Free Crypto Airdrop $10 Bonus - PBank X DAP

Free Crypto Airdrop $10 Bonus - PBank X DAP

Bonus amount: $10 (10 DAPP).

Bonus available for: New clients.

Bonus available until: 4:00 PM, 1 April 2020 until 6:00 PM, 6 April 2020 (UTC + 8) . 

How to get bonus: 
2. Complete PBank registration and forward the poster to Twitter/Facebook (public authority and ordered more than 24 hours). 
3. Screenshot and PBank UID must be forwarded to Google forms, and users who pass the audit will get 10 DAPP.
4. 50% of airdrops (ie 5 DAPP) will be unlocked within three working days after the user has successfully subscribed to DAPP, and the remaining 50% of airdrops (ie 5 DAPP) can be withdrawn, traded, or operated freely in exchange.

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