Free Crypto Airdrop 3 Libra Coin Bonus - UPLibra

Free Crypto Airdrop 3 Libra Coin Bonus - UPLibra
Free Crypto Airdrop 3 Libra Coin Bonus - UPLibra

Free Crypto Airdrop 3 Libra Coin Bonus - UPLibra

Get Libra coins for free by:
Register and verify email to get 3 Libra bonuses.
Claim bonuses every hour bonus 0.005 - 20 Libra (Claim opportunities up to 50 times).
This period 3 bonus only available all year 2020.

Free Bonus Crypto Airdrop 3 Libra Coin - UPLibra
Free Bonus Crypto Airdrop 3 Libra Coin - UPLibra

About UPLibra

UPLibra is committed to building the Libra OTC trading platform, providing fast, safe and valuable Libra exchange services for users around the world.

UPLibra exchange

What is UPLibra?
UPLibra is currently building the OTC trading system for Libra. The system will quickly match local buyers and sellers to help users complete transactions between Libra and local currencies

When will UPLibra be online?
Since the Libra mainnet has not been officially launched yet, please wait patiently for a more official announcement from Libra. After Libnet is online and stable, we will launch our trading system in the shortest time possible.


Aquarius is a token issued by UPLibra. Aquarius will be part of the Libra exchange. Holding Aquarius can allow users to offset transaction costs and get bonuses from exchanges.

Aquarius will adopt a "low turnover and deflation" model to ensure the maximum value of our tokens. In the future, we will control the circulation of tokens to 21 million through repurchases and ongoing destruction mechanisms.

Full name: Aquarius Token
Symbol: AQU
Standard: ERC20
Total supply: 200,000,000 AQU
Decimal: 18
Branch Logo: To be determined
Private Placement: 10%, the price is not public.
Global Community (Plan Aquarius): 15%, 30,000,000 AQU

Road Map of UPLibra

Project approved, start a market survey
Complete business plan
Get first angel funds, form a team
Launch the UPLibra online community
Launch the Libra testra wallet
White paper
Build an exchange demo
Wait for Move mainnet to be released and officially launch online exchange


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